Office Paper

Wherever you are printing and whatever the task, the reliable, high-quality Xerox Paper Products are all designed to give you the most professional looking results. We also offer Managed Print Services, which will help you keep your paper in stock without breaking the bank or filling your office with too many boxes.


Xerox Vitality Office Papers

High quality and digitally optimized, Xerox Vitality papers are just what you need to get the job done efficiently and perfectly

Whether you’re working from a small home office, or a massive corporate headquarters, you can always expect better results on Xerox Vitality paper.


Xerox Bold - Digital and office Papers

Xerox Bold is offered in Bold Office and Bold Digital printing papers. They give you the high performance paper you need to present all your ideas in the best possible light.

Brighter, whiter, and thicker, Xerox Bold Professional Quality Papers are perfect for important documents like presentations, proposals, reports, graphs, charts, and images.

Xerox Bold Digital Printing Papers are great for bigger print jobs like direct mail pieces, annual reports or brochures.